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Bussines Conduct and Ethics

Code Of Business Conduct and Ethics

Trust and credibility are the basis of our business

The trust from our customers, owners, employees and the public depends critically on the conduct of each individual in the company. It is founded on strict compliance with the law and with all of our internal rules.

This Code of Business Conduct provides a summary of the Company policies for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. Our fundamental policy is that all business conducted by Melin must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and meet high ethical standards.

The Purpose of the Code
Prevent unethical or unlawful behavior;
Discover and stop any such behavior that may occur as soon as possible;
Discipline those who violate the standards contained in the Code and related policies.

Inform yourself about our standards and values. Here you can download the Melin Code of Conduct.

Business Conduct and Ethics.pdf