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Look Backward to Melins Growth Experience

Accumulation of experience leads to be No. One

Hebei Melin Paper Machinery is a leading company in designing, manufacturing Pulp, Paper and Package machinery and challenge to be Number and best in delivering Chinese professional technicians and guaranteed quality of PULP,PAPER and PACKAGE machinery production line, products, technology and service in China.
Our exclusive agency and our customers get more professional and reliable support more than other factories or companies after cooperating with us.

With 11 employees in China office, we are now recruiting the sales exclusive agents from all the world to expand the markets based on our professional solution experience in China and all other countries. We have worked on more than 30 sets paper-pulp and package machinery lines including the new plant, rebuild and the maintenance. Added up to the end of 2012, we have helped our clients to save the machinery cost based on finished perfect production line over USD 20 million.