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ChXXXXPaper Making Machinery Co., Ltd

Cooperated from 2005, it can accomplish 300,000 T/Y Waste Paper Pulp Making Product Line, 150,000 T/Y, Waste Paper Deink Pulp Making Product Line, 100,000 T/Y Straw and Cotton Stalk Pulp Making Product Line. Perfect quality insurance system ensures the reliable quality and maintaining performance, ISO9001.. Both the pre-sale technical support and after-sale service are timely and thoughtful.
ShuXXXX Pulp Machinery Co., Ltd

Cooperated from 2004, staff over 200, half are professionals & technical personnel, and obtained senior professional titles, fixed assets of 120 million RMB, mainly deals with revolving drum high thick waterpower pulp machine, D-type waterpower pulp machine, high and medium concentration slag cleaner, single-effect defibering machine, various kinds of pressurized screen, heat dispersion, and vacuum disc thickeners as well as related various kinds of screen cylinders and accessories. complete test instruments, advanced inspection equipment, reliable quality assurance system and powerful production and matching capacity, and passes ISO 9001 quality system certification
DaXXX Technology Co., Ltd

Cooperated from 2003, staff over 100, half are professionals & technical personnel, and obtained senior professional titles, working area around 1000m2, can accomplish 300000T/Y waste paper pulp making product line, 100000 T/Y waster paper deink pulp making product line, 70000 T/Y straw and cotton stalk pulp making product line. certificated with ISO9001 quality management system, and complete test instruments, advanced inspection equipment, reliable quality assurance system and powerful production and matching capacity

ShanXXX Technology Co., Ltd

Cooperated from 2001, specialized in papermaking, packaging, printing, PCB, CCL, power meter industry to develop and produce three series of products includes more than dozens varieties, including intelligent detecting instruments, automatic control systems, automatic equipments. Master in pulp consistency transmitters, pulp consistency control system, pulp mixing system and their installation. Whiteness meter , stroboscope , whiteness meter manufacturers, stiffness tester , paper tube compression tester, tearing tester , tissue tension meter , Bursting Tester. certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14000.
HeXXX screen industrial co., ltd

1, cooperated from 2003, 38,000 m2 area, 300 more workers, including 70 professional engineering and technical workers ; has total assets of 211million RMB, around 55 sets equipments, most are imported from oversea, the annual production capacity is around 500,000 m2, 2. ISO 9001 certificated, main products: Polyester double layer wire, two and a half forming wire , three forming wire, anti-pollution forming wire , flat dryer wire
ChaXXX papermaking fabrics co., ltd

1, cooperated from 2003, two production areas, 200 workers, own some national patent, precise process is equal with international level, annual capacity is around 500ton, 2. ISO 9002 certificated, main products: Batt on Mesh (BOM), special papermaking felt for special paper, function (after-treatment) papermaking felt, pulp-making felt, dryer felt
XinXXX papermaking engineering co., ltd

Cooperated from 2005, produce: Crescent Tissue Machine, 2800-5000mm width, 1200-2000m/min speed, kinds of head box, steel Yankee dryer, suction touch roll, doctor and pulp-making equipments.10 more oversea projects more than 1200m/min(basis weight 13g/m2),with low energy consumption .The finished paper has high flexibility. high quality product, lab service, field installation and training for all paper mills.
ChanXXX papermaking machinery co., ltd

Cooperated from 2001, the key partner among all. Registered capital of 11,453,000 RMBthe appointed paper making machinery factory by the former Chinese Ministry of Light Industry administer, leading enterprise of paper making machinery production, 47 more years of paper machine design history. mainly produces within 8m width, speed 1300m/min, 15 series and nearly 20 specifications of the paper making machinery production, including graphic paper machine, package paper machine and tissue paper machine, industrial paper machine and advanced components.600 more employees, engineering and technical employees are 120, including 90 professional R & D workers, 3 engineering masters, 30 senior engineers. Dozens of national or international patents, awards and certification
lvXXX hydrofoil machinery co., ltd

cooperated from 2009, around 60 workers, 10 senior engineers, focused on research and development of nano-alumina toughened alumina (ZTA), zirconia, silicon carbide and silicon nitride for different speeds and machine dewatering equipment. Using high quality imported wear-resistant ceramic powder, advanced production technology , perfect quality control system to ensure that products with world-class durability and smoothness . both anti-wear and provincial wire, the first choice for the new plant and rebuild
MinXXX calender machinery co., ltd

Cooperated from 2001, fixed assets 49 million rmb , 30 more sets manufacturing equipment , 10,000 m2 plant; 43 workers, 8 senior engineers. Using international advanced production technology , developed several series of products: varied calender, calender rolls , and a variety of soft calender .
BeiXXX papermaking (sizer) machinery co., ltd

Cooperated from 2003, 96000m2 area, 200 more staffs, and 16 senior engineers. Produce: 1092mm-4400mm series of foundrinier and cylinder pressure forming machine, kinds of paper machine. 1880mm-4400mm sizing machine . 1092mm-3200mm rewinder. ISO9001, ISO9002 certificated. Specially the perfect service can be delivered on time.
ShenXXX cylinder machinery co., ltd

Cooperated from 2001, covered 42000m2, 200more staffs, 45 professionals, three workshop and two manufacturing line. dryer diameter800-4000mm, press roll diameter350-1600mm. using wear-resistant alloy iron as raw material, adopting precise techniques for polishing and paring. Annual productivity is more than 10000ton. ISO 9001 and CE certificated.

ZhanXXX revinder machinery co., ltd

Cooperated from 2003, covered 40000m2, around 260 staffs, 10 senior engineers, can manufacture 6000mm width kinds of papermaking machinery. 1760-4400mm, 800 m / min to 1800 m / min, under paper leading rewinder,1760-4400mm,600 m / min to 1000 m / min, the framed rewinder, 1760-3300mm, 350 m / min shaftless rewinder, and other rewinder, sizer, calender machinery. ISO9001 certificated.
ShenXXX Package Machinery Co., Ltd

Cooperated from 2009, work together and export 5 projects, covered 66000m2, produce:corrugated paperboard low,middle and high speed printing providing pressure slicing corner,slotting die-cutting machines,corrugated paperboard, high speed 3-ply,5-ply,7-ply corrugated cardboard production line, High speed single layer corrugated paperboard production line,automatic and chained circle pressing circle machine,automatic and chained grinder slicing machine,automatic and chained providing rolling line,slicing corner,opening line,stitchers, Semi-Automatical Stapling Machine. ISO9001-2008 certificated, Chinese largest productivity and most precise imported equipment.