Why Choose Melin for Your Chinese Honest Parter
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Why Choose Melin for Your Chinese Honest Parter
You deserve more professional and reliable support than from other companies

Whatever the buyers buy the whole line or spare parts, they all have to focus on the following factors from the suppliers: the stable quality guarantee, good reasonable price, on-time delivery and professional after-sale service. We can find the internal factors by assessing the factors: the suppliers¡¯ assets and credit, quality control system and workers¡¯ creativity, also the service sense and after-sale team reaction.

But the real situation is:

Quality control

1. credit problem using poor material and poor producing process and poor quality. 2. even good processing machines, but poor material and unstable producing process, also poor quality. 3. good machines, good materials and good producing process, but without inspection, poor quality. 4. lack of producing records and producing procedure guideline. 5 lack of research and development department, disadvantaged technology, productivity loss.

Good price

1. more than half of suppliers don¡¯t show their information in public, internet or magazines, you will miss more than half good suppliers with good price. 2. lack of the ability to do suppliers¡¯ cost calculation,high price. 3. cannot get the  upgrading price, high price. 4. sacrifice the price because of the quality control.

On-time delivery

1. limited productivity 2.poor procedure process control 3. rework delay

After-sale and installation-rebuild service

1 lack of professional service team or lack of installation experience 2. lack of experience for assembling the whole line, or poor running stability 3. cannot make soonest feedback to customers¡¯ problems, profit loss 4. poor sense for long-term business relationship, like just one-time supply.

Here are three problems you would face up as a customer or agency, we can solve them all by our scientific operation system and clear cost under our ¡° Work as One to be No. One ¡± strategy and value.

The paper machinery industry is a large industry, and the manufactures are wide arranged and have their own advantage and problems. As the foreign buyer cannot like us familiar about this business, lack of the knowledge to the manufactures¡¯ distribution and the operation situation, their problem and the normative guidance, product cost analysis and negotiation skills, quality control and shipping orders monitoring, project consultation and equipment maintenance-installation-upgrade service. But, Melin can solve above the problem you would face up well based on our more than 10 years professional experience in dipping into paper machinery industry.

Most of the buyers are limited in the internet or the exhibition fair or some not-professional trading company, so they would lose more than half of high-quality partners, the manufactures they choose would have one or more problems in the project different progress, which will lead much lose in the whole project. So avoiding to lose the high-quality manufactures in China, it¡¯s a good idea to choose Melin as your Chinese honest partner.

Maybe you will worry about the price issue as we are a trading company, factually we are share-holders of most of our cooperated manufactures, we can help you analyze your reliable supplier the actual situation and a reasonable cost and price analysis. Based on many years experience in paper machinery industry, we have been cooperating with the important raw materials for equipment many years, we can effectively get control of the above five factors, and do best to maximize our customers and agency¡¯s profit and minimize the unnecessary lost.

Scientific and systemic management is the base of getting your trust. Specialist¡¯s teamwork with world of experience, hundreds of installations and a long track record of success, and Efficient, responsible, high quality service are the way to bring your paper machinery into the real.

From Melin, you will get more professional and reliable support.