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Paper is as well as the globalization industry. Its layout may decide the papermaking equipment market layout. According to the industry development cycle, the global paper industry is divided into "four" market - mature markets, developing markets, the primary markets and the burgeoning market.

----Western Europe, Northern Europe, North America and Japan and some other regional and national market is more mature. The equipment core business moves from equipment supplying to services supplying, to help enterprises apply the best available techniques, optimizing equipment combinations and technological transformation. ----China, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries in the developing markets, paper consumption per capita is still in the rising phase. Industry continues to optimize the raw material structure and production structure. Industry mergers and acquisitions, integration speed up, gradually improve industrial concentration, in the same time, the equipment has improved continuously. Brazil's paper consumption is still in growth. Brazil has more than 220 paper-making enterprises. Focusing on the pulp industry, industry concentration is in high level, the technology and equipment is among the global leader. Russia has the world's most abundant forest resources, pulp and paper industry situation is complex, and the equipment is relatively backward, but the access is high standard, the use of European standards. Indonesia has large population, a potential consumer market. Indonesia focus on forestry-paper integration construction with timber resources. Indonesia has entered the elimination of outdated equipment and the improvement of new equipment production stage.---- India, Vietnam and Thailand and other countries in the pulp and paper industry are in the early developing stages. India's population accounts for about 15% of the world, paper consumption accounts for only 2%. India's Paper has slow output growth in the short term, but the development prospects. Pulp and paper industry in Vietnam is weak, which worked to develop an annual capacity of 80,000 tons -150,000 tons of paper projects. Thailand currently has 51 paper companies, and 9 pulp companies, pulp production capacity of 1,264,000 tons. Now it is in equipment upgrade period. In the above countries, multi- pulp types coexist, paper consumption per capita has much space for improvement, they are our important target market, also important for us to develop. Melin Paper Machinery is vulnerably to occupy these markets, we look forward to excellent local papermaking equipment business men and plant owners and the interesting personal join Melin, and work together as one to promote the local market.Africa, paper consumption per capita is low, basically depended on importing, a huge potential market demand for paper, paper industry is in the infancy development, industrial development is slow, backward technology and equipment, a large potential demand for paper making equipment.

Over the past decade, China's papermaking equipment industry full play the comparative advantage and the follow-up advantage, quickly progress. Just talking about our 17 long-term cooperated factories, who have made a series of innovations. While the European multinational groups have designed machine width 10m, the highest speed 2200m/min for newsprint machine, corrugated paper machine speed up to 1500m/min, testliner board machine speed up 1300m/min, production capacity in 1000t /d or more. Our pulping technology and equipment, through 10 years of independent research and development, has firstly successfully made "clean straw pulp and waste utilization technology." in the world. The technology and equipment has obvious innovative, advanced and sophisticated resistance, the overall level of world leader, and has been applied to large-scale production for many years, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. Their pulping equipment companies have upgraded equipment performance, energy conservation into a new level. For the paper machine, ChanXXX Papermaking Machinery Co., Ltd. and other companies assume the National Technology Support Program domestic high-speed paper machine (graphic paper machine) development project, which is through acceptance, to achieve our domestic high-speed machine zero breakthrough, with milestone. Stand-alone board machine production will reach 300,000 tons, width about 8m, the speed will reach 1200m/min; graphic paper machine single output 150,000 tons, width to 4.8m, the speed reach 1200 ~ 1400m/min; tissue paper machine width 4300mm, speed 1200m/min; OCC 300,000 tons of waste paper processing lines; office waste paper processing lines reach 100,000 to 150,000 tons. For ChanXXX company, HuaXXX company, the technology in paper cut, packaging, delivery systems and automatic control system to catch up with the world advanced level.

Throughout the world papermaking equipment markets, Andritz, Metso, Voith three multinational groups occupy absolute market share. Their degree of product differentiation and technical barriers can be considered high-end global paper products and equipment industry oligopoly market structure. Now every 10 sets of advanced papermaking machinery in the world has set up in China at least five sets or more. Meanwhile these multinational companies have signed OEM agreements or technology transfer with state-owned and private enterprises, which makes the more learning opportunities in the environment of globalization, reducing the cost of technological innovation, which is the follow-up advantage. For 17 factories we cooperated, one-third have a direct relationship with these three multinational corporations. The paper-making machinery and equipment level Melin and our cooperated factories design and put into use domestically and internationally have been basically in the same level as the United States and Canada. But China's technology-intensive factories coexist with labor-intensive, which can give full play to the Chinese people's hands, brain, and hard-working advantages, which made Melin not only possibly to follow up the international most advanced technology in technically, but also matched comparative advantage in terms of price and service.

In short, the Unit of Melin Paper Machinery and the cooperated pulp and paper equipment factories, through technical cooperation with the international group and its own internal research and innovation on the basis of ten years introduction of equipment and technology, as well as China's labor-intensive factories unique advantages--compare prices and services, makes our technology in the market between the first and second class, so that we can play an important role in these four markets according to local market demand based on local market standards, provide qualified and efficient energy-saving automatic control of pulp-paper-package production equipment and complete production lines. Welcome the excellent local papermaking equipment businessman and plant owners and the interesting personal in following markets join Melin, and work together as one to promote the local market. Including the first market in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the second developing markets of Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries, as well as pulp and paper industry in the early stage of development in India, Vietnam and Thailand and other countries.

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