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Prefer Whole Line Package
Increasing operating costs, high prices of scarce resources and the high cost of investment in new projects bring a great obstacle to the new production line project investment. Throughout the duration of the project, from the initial idea to the completion of a new system, it cannot have any delays and errors. As this may affect the startup time of new production lines.

In case of that, we offer whole line package (WLP)solutions, which can be fully responsible for your new project. Paper production process as a whole, the general contractor with experts, we ensure your equipment can be safely put into operation on schedule.

For all the jobs of whole production line, we are solely responsible. Then you needn’t to use more contractors to make the work in mess. With our whole line package (WLP), you will know the entire project investment costs before putting into operation. In contrast, in traditional project, you have to wait a long time to know exactly how much the total cost is.

Varied paper and Varied Special solution
Paper is a wonderful thing: it is with us every day, whether we read in the early morning, or check out in the supermarket, or gift packaging, they are inseparable from our daily life. It cannot be able to imagine a world without paper. The world will be totally in mess, hard to transmit or identify the goods or information, neither the communication and social progress.

The use of paper is so wide, the species is difficult to exact statistics. Each type of paper for its manufacturing machine has special requirements: for example: sales receipts and boarding passes must be used with a special thermal paper with thermal coating. The banknote production needs, such as watermarks, holograms or fluorescent pattern like safety security signs. Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and other tissue products, because of its wrinkled surface, they must be produced on a dedicated tissue machine.

Melin company is familiar with the various types of paper on the paper machine requirements, and can provide spare parts or the whole equipment for the production of these papers. With a wealth expertise, we are able to quickly and flexibly adapt to the changing needs of the paper industry: for example, the bill requires additional safety security signs or wrapping paper, etc.

Over the years, we have worked closely with our customers, successfully developed a number of solution which can meet the increasing demands of the paper quality, also economic and environmentally friendly at the same time.

New Plants
Social and economic development has a lasting impact in many aspects of the paper industry. National bio-energy development plan will lead to timber market competition in the future and threaten the fiber raw material supply.

Recovery paper materials cannot be unlimited gotten due to the limitation of collection system In addition the worldwide increasingly demand for energy and water resources will raise its prices, so the paper making manufacturers have to increase production costs.

Melin can provide all kinds of paper making production line, these paper making production lines are optimized depending on the region and the specific needs of each customer. Our innovative ideas and solutions allow our customers to successfully meet the challenges of the paper industry. For example, in an intensive program of ecological paper mills, due to all the important paper related processes are fully integrated together, so the production line can greatly reduce resource consumption, also reduce the production cost.

Paper mill customer have been increasing their requirements. With the latest technology applications of printing and post-processing, the paper quality will play a core role. In addition, from the economic factors, the modern paper machine must also have a high usability.

Many mills therefore wish to improve their equipment speed, efficiency and stability of operation or to improve the quality of paper production.

Melin targets through the transformation and modernization of upgrading measures, you can optimize the overall performance of the equipment, to upgrade to the latest level of technology, enabling production to the best condition.

2009.2  5600/1100- 300,000 tons/year of high-strength corrugated paper machine  

2008.2   4800/600-   300,000 tons/year of coated white board paper machine
2008.12.   3750/1000- 100,000 tons/year of   graphic paper machine
2009.5    2700/1100- 15,000 tons/year of tissue paper machine

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