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Working Procedure
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Quality management

Consultation:The guidance board is composed of senior project managers who intervene in missions such as purchase and quality control reorganization, business acquisitions projects or in industrialization and technology transfer. The assignments of organizational consulting mission start with an organizational management diagnostic and an existing structures process diagnostic, in order to identify the strength and weaknesses, the risks incurred and to define objectives. Our teams then intervene in defining the targeted organizations and accompany the client in the evolution phases (recruiting assistance, staff training) until the objectives are reached.

Technology:Our technical team assists with analysis of specifications, analysis of industrial processes and certification. Our MELIN technical team will first study your product specifications and any related standards and then translate them into the equivalent Chinese standards; this will make it easier for your technical department to approve technical modifications .In the operational phase, our technical team will help you to clarify technical issues with suppliers and obtain certification from notified laboratories or bodies. Lastly, during the production phase, the technical team will help you to make technical modifications or resolve quality issues.

Purchasing: Our purchasing department's expertise lies in sourcing, management of purchasing projects, supplier negotiations and industrial intelligence.In the operational phase, the local purchasing team will assist with sourcing by researching and selecting suppliers which fit with your technical requirements and quantities. It will then issue the RFI and the RFQ in order to compile a short list of suppliers for auditing.Lastly, during negotiations, the purchasing team of MELIN Paper Machinery will use the cost breakdown of the price of your products and will have contracts drawn up and signed with the selected suppliers.

Quality Management: Our MELIN Paper Machinery quality team works in the field during supplier audits and implementation of surveillance and quality control plans. Our experience in quality management of whole product line or one-off products, for any kind of pulp, paper and package machineries, enables us to provide you with appropriate benchmarks for optimal quality organization.
During the operational phase, the local quality team will assist you with supplier classification (classification audit, process audit) and in developing the control plan and training the supplier. Lastly, in the production phases, the quality team will perform quality controls on the suppliers, in accordance with the control plan.

The MELIN procurement department is responsible for order management and supply-chain management. Initially, our procurement team will analyze our own procurement process in order to find any weak points and benchmark against other organizations. Our team assists you in drawing up management charts for monitoring orders and managing inventories.
During the operational phase, our MELIN Paper Machinery team puts in place tools for order management, supplier training (instruction manuals, bar codes, packaging) and monitoring payments (L/C, T/T, etc.).Lastly, in the production phases, the MELIN Paper Machinery procurement team monitors orders, expedites one-off products, keeps you informed of order progress, manages documents (B/L, etc.), and manages logistics service providers.

The MELIN quality organization rests on five pillars:

Quality management
MELIN quality management steers and aligns the group-wide improvement process. We provide structured training for employees and maintain international standards and certifications.
Quality assurance
MELIN quality assurance defines project-related quality requirements and technical specifications. We monitor the processes performed and collect feedback from customers.
Quality inspection
MELIN quality inspection certifies the component quality delivered by our suppliers as well as by our own production sites. We monitor the use of proper, calibrated equipment and ensure product conformity.
Supplier quality control
Constant quality control of our suppliers and our own production sites strengthen our market position globally.
Health & safety
The health and safety of our employees and of those who come into contact with our operations and products are among our highest priorities. Our policy is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and to aim at further improving it.

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