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Our services includes process consulting, field service, inspection, maintenance, pilot plant testing, repair and rebuild. More details please read the service page

Process Consulting

Melin process engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide you with in-depth system audit, analysis, and necessary recommendations to ensure that your fiber processing and paper making system running at its best. We provide you with equipment at the same time, we offer more of our expertise. From the pipeline configuration, pump selection, instrumentation, approach flow, headbox forming, cylinder section, calender, and reeling match, control strategies and to optimize planning, we can help you succeed in the necessary skills. In recovery, our process engineers to find ways to improve the energy and caustic vapors efficient and effective solution to reduce steam consumption and to reduce the proportion of cooking liquid chemical study visits. By using the data obtained by the operation of the heat and mass balances, we can process for process operation problems, recommend the right solution for high-performance operation.

Field Service

Melin field service team is ready to assist you with equipment maintenance and system upgrade requirements. Our service engineers are experienced professionals, with many years of experience working in the pulp and paper mills. They understand the importance to keep your equipment running stably, and we have the expertise you need to study, whether it is regular maintenance or emergency troubleshooting. From Troubleshooting, installation, mechanical equipment maintenance, operation supervision to training, we can help keep your system running in best condition.

Inspection Services

Melin inspection services are very comprehensive, and provide you with acurrently operating conditions for one machinery line, and detailed report about timely maintenance requirements and optional system upgrades. We can not only determine your test equipment required for factors that can make it back to optimum operation, but also this is a very good tool to assess your equipment in the secondary equipment market value. Contact us, you can give your used equipment to bring new value through a cost-effective way.

Maintenance program

Melin has a range of maintenance programs to help you take full advantage of your maintenance budget so that you can achieve the maximum benefit, while providing you with the highest quality service to make your system in best operating condition. We offer a variety of alternatives including pulper shaft, pulper rotor, hydrofoil, cylinder, sizing machine, calender, air disslution system and Micro air bubble. These programs minimize downtime, critical dimensions and components for use OEM design specifications to ensure the quality of maintenance. We also have a range of cost-effective conversion and upgrades for your existing systems to provide a higher level of performance.

Pilot plant tests

Melin have five research and testing centers in our cooperated factory, offers pilot plant test facility. Projects, large or small, is designed for the individual needs of the plant, and can make the equipment operation comprehensively. by simulating the conditions of trial run in factory environment, we help our customers assess their system potential, then be able to produce higher quality, more economical pulp and paper. All pilot plant work was done by the pulp and paper industry has many years of extensive experience in the operation of application engineers, technicians and craftsmen to execute. Test results are in the overall use of laboratory equipment and instrumentation broad spectrum to evaluate, so to ensure its reliability.

Repair and reconstruction

Melin repair and reconstruction services can extend the life of your equipment. Select Melin, in the use of the original drawings, design specifications and allowable error range, you'll most efficiently use of your maintenance budget. Our maintenance program is an ISO standard certification, the use of advanced maintenance techniques, you will get the the latest technology of most advanced design improvement and optimization of equipment performance.

Our competitive prices and special financing options means that the maximum savings on your budget, we are "not to guess," the maintenance work means your equipment will run longer.

Spare parts

Melin understands the importance of keeping your plant equipment running stability, which is why our priority is to provide you with high quality and competitive prices of spare parts when you need. From the most simple O-ring to the precision hydrofoil, using the OEM processing out of the parts to ensure your equipment is running in top condition.

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